So I’ve been here just over a day and I’m already running very low on sleep so I’ll try to be short.

All 25 people who are living in my corridor have now arrived and I’d say they’re generally not a bad bunch, I’ve been doing my best to get to know people, everyone collects in one of our two big kitchens regularly throughout the day and in the evenings. I’m with them when I can be but as the night draws near it seems inevitable that the drinks and drinking games come out and I have to take a step back. I watch from the side or retreat to my room because I don’t want to deal with the awkwardness of being the one who isn’t drinking. Then there was the bright idea to join another floor tonight, about 30 people were squashed into a kitchen close to all with drinks in hand with random calls for people to down the drinks, no one actually looking like they were all that happy (even those who had had quite a lot already). Once someone starting going round to find people who were drinkless to thrust drinks at them, I decided it was time make my exit and returned to my room.

In the name of being sociable both last night and tonight I went out to the uni’s club and had decided that there I would have a drink or two but not before. This seems to work quite well so I’m going to use it throughout this week as I think I should be expected to be dragged out every night. If you’ve read earlier posts you’ll know clubbing isn’t really my scene but the last couple of nights, especially tonight I did actually get what was fun about it and did, in fact, enjoy myself. The main issue has been, however, that the club gets full to overflowing while the night is still young leaving you very little room to dance and making it so easy to get separated from your group if they go somewhere. Clubbing isn’t as fun when it’s only 3 half-hearted clubbers I’ve found, so we came back to the flat, feeling very old and just went back to our rooms and instead of catching up on my missed sleep I thought I’d catch up missed tv instead and write this!

If you’re a Christian and are or were at university, how have you or did you deal with other people drinking so much, especially in freshers week?

Did you join in events you weren’t really interested in to be sociable?

It can be unfortunate that it is imperative to tell people your course as I am the only computer scientist in the flat I have become the go-to guy for computer problems. This doesn’t actually bother me, I help out everyone the best I can and enjoy it; it’s also an easy way to be liked by the people you’re living with! Unluckily there are campus-wide problems with our internet and without giving too many technical details both the wired and wireless connections have issues which I am powerless to solve completely and can only do with a bit of luck (mine worked within half an hour). I promised lots of people last night that I would help them today but it occurred to me before I went to bed (already very late!) that I would be getting breakfast and then doing CU church search in the morning. This is where representatives from different churches advertise their church and then you can follow who you want. Many churches also offer a free lunch of some description or at least discussion for students after the service, so I realised even if everyone else gets up a lot later than I do, I won’t be around to give them a hand for a while. Determined to help these new friends out I looked up the instructions  for connecting and wrote them out (I don’t have my own printer!) twice, one for each kitchen and put a note on my door to tell them where to find it. I said on the instructions where I was; which I feel in many ways was a cop out but it was an easy way to make clear that I am a Christian to everyone. When I got back the instructions had worked for some people but not others, as I expected, but everyone was grateful I had taken the time to write it out for them. This is a way I’m showing love to the people around me and I’ve let them know I’m a Christian at the same time, something I’m pretty happy with. Also not being shaken from my principles over drinking while still showing I can have fun is a bonus. I find it hard to make sure I talk to the people that often get left out which is something I’m trying to work on.

For anyone else in a similar position to me, how have you gone about letting people know you’re a Christian? Have you at all?

If you’ve been through it in the past how did you do it?

And for both sets of people how have you found/did you find a way to show love to your flatmates?

Any answers or other comments please do comment!

Thanks for reading and I’ll back to you later in the week with how freshers is going! 🙂